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Welcome to!

This service is because I don't like github and let's be honest outside github nobody cares about what site you're using

Server specs

raspberry pi 5 with an sd card I think it's 64 gb

Sounds weak? It is but it works just fine and I don't need more expenses


I can't tell you where it's hosted but I can tell you how:

Basically there's a single docker compose file for the whole stack:

  • forgejo
  • mariadb
  • nginx: the web server that supports http3 (github doesnt)
  • acme: manages ssl

That is proxied to another server which acts as a firewall

Mail is from mxroute but I also use it for other purposes so it's like free

Why I don't like github:

  • no support for the latest version of the ip protocol. There are rumors that ipv6 is coming to github and I honestly hope it's soon (not that I'll switch to github if it happens)
  • it's slow not as fast, loading stuff takes a few seconds but I understand it's inevitable for a service with millions of users
  • and the one you've been waiting for: it's owned by a big tech company and as we all know the big stands for their property they can't get enough of and like to trade with everyone. Guess what's a part of that property? That's right our private data
    • "ok but I have nothing to hide" and while that's a fallacy I understand why you think so. But imagine somebody took many pictures of your house and your property inside and outside how would that feel. and used it to train ai.
    • they're also juicy targets for hackers (and skids) so even if you're not targeted your data still leaks